Digital transformation webinar series

Expert insights and best practices from the CPG industry

November 14, 2023

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As the CPG world faces unprecedented disruption, learning from past experiences is more relevant than ever. Get caught up with our industry dedicated webinar series to understand how digital transformation is key to fostering profitable revenue growth and driving commercial excellence in the CPG space.

Our Webinars

Orkla, from Insights to Action: Driving growth with optimal trade promotion programs

In this webinar, Orkla will describe their path towards trade promotion optimisation supported by the right digitalisation approach, leveraging AI/ML for accurate promotional plans and effective execution. They will discuss how they brought together different countries, distribution channels, processes and needs to find promotion effectiveness and revenue growth management success.

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Winning at the point of sales with Sales Force Automation: The Barilla Case

In an effort to optimise and scale execution in the field while simultaneously strengthening the IT landscape, Barilla has decided to step change digital transformation in their organisation through sales force automation. In this webinar, Barilla will cover the key factors that drove them to embrace SFA digitalisation and outline each IT and business outcome a revitalised SFA program will bring.

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The Beiersdorf Global TPM approach: Paving the road towards value creation

In this webinar, Beiersdorf explains why trade promotion management is a growth enabler at the heart of its RGM approach. They cover the main steps taken to successfully drive change and deliver commercial excellence by enabling new ways of working across the organisation. Watch this webinar to learn more on how to frame and deliver a multi-country trade promotion digital transformation program that creates lasting value.

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Navigating different terrains: How Mondelez is approaching its TPM multi-country rollout

Crafting a successful strategy for a global-scale implementation means balancing stakeholders, past learnings, and unique market needs. See how Mondelez is shaping its multi-country TPM approach through process assessments to achieve a global vision while meeting its local parameters.

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Heineken TPx journey: from volume to value growth through people, processes and technology

In this webinar, Heineken’s panel of IT, Finance and Sales leaders will take us through their TPx journey, starting from the decision to introduce a trade promotion management system to manage sales channels and volume growth, all the way through to its transformation into a value growth generator, supported by a technological landscape modernisation to Microsoft Azure cloud. In this discussion, Heineken will highlight key learnings, pitfalls to avoid, and best practices to collaborate towards a common goal.

Join us to hear multiple perspectives on sales processes automation, and how they can be a key lever for collaboration and growth.

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In Conversation with ASR: A Sweet Tooth for TPx Excellence

In this webinar, ASR’s IT and Sales leaders took us through their journey to TPx, covering their starting point, the challenges they faced when working without a TPx system, and the steps they took to digitally transform their organisation for the first time. They highlight their wins and their learnings, detailing how to approach Data integration and other key elements that can be leveraged to bring Trade Promotion Optimisation to new heights.

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In Conversation with Danone: Driving an Integrated RGM Culture from Trade Decisions to Execution

In this webinar, Danone discussed the impact that well-crafted Revenue Growth Management (RGM) strategies and practices can have on organizational performance and growth. They describe how embedding RGM insights into their trade funds management processes can empower their teams to drive the right decisions.

In addition, Danone covered how advanced analytics and AI can help organisations shift gears by uncovering “why some things work or don’t work”, informing optimal investment decisions, and helping teams tell a “holistic story” with the outcomes in mind.

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The Kraft Heinz TPx Journey: Digital Transformation Across Borders

In this presentation, Kraft Heinz shared their TPx digital transformation journey and the key factors that gave teams across Europe the courage to go after lasting change. You will hear why they started a TPx implementation, what changed during their digitisation process, and the impact they saw across the EMEA region.

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A Conversation with Clif Bar: Digital transformation as a foundation for long-term growth

In this panel discussion, Clif Bar and XTEL discussed the value of a pre-design assessment phase, and the key learnings that are helping prepare the implementation. They expanded upon the “current state” assessment, the key objectives that are framing their trade promotion project and provided best practices around ways of working that will carry through to the next phases of their TPx journey.

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A Conversation with BEL and Kellogg’s: Driving sustainable commercial change and growth in 2020 and beyond

In this moderated panel session, Bel’s Fred Harris and Kellogg’s Alexis Janssen shared their best practices around how to drive a successful digitisation process, from process design through to implementation. They covered which pitfalls to avoid in terms of data, change management, and processes, and how to create the right foundation to thrive in the short and long-term.

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