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Data and Insights

Establish the Right Foundations to fuel Optimal Decisions for you and your Trade Partners

At XTEL, we know that the key to successful digital transformation is establishing the right data foundation to manage market specificities and complexities, generate relevant insights and recommendations and embed them into the right step of the commercial process.

Our unique data and analytics architecture ensures optimal quality input and trusted outputs. With a team of data experts and data scientists, we leverage AI/ML-enabled modelling for descriptive, predictive and prescriptive insights to inform decision-making. Our integrated solutions embed the right analytics at the point of need in order to speed up time to value realisation for your organisation.

Quality Data and Powerful Insights

“As systems and technology get more sophisticated, AI is going to tell us where to invest, and what to with it.” Multi-national FMCG

“In one year in Italy alone, we saw a €10m improvement in gross margin from XTEL insights. Their data cleansing capabilities are so much better than any competitor.” Frozen Food CPG

Due to the insights generated by the XTEL solution we realised €30m of savings. RGM is the only real way to drive business growth, especially in an inflationary environment. The team have very good knowledge on building algorithms, and when we pushed for integrated e-commerce, they made it happen”. Health Technology FMCG

“User experience is key, it’s better to have an AI solution that saves time and assists users with volume management, data accuracy and forecasting. To drive incremental profit growth you need better informed commercial decisions.” Global FMCG Manufacturer

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Barilla standardised and automated Retail Execution to increase consistency across countries and build a global view of performance

With our Sales Force Automation digital transformation across international markets

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The Power of Connected Data & Insights

Leverage 360° data and leave no stone unturned

  • Manage market and channel data specificities and complexities, across multiple sources, to address local requirements and serve business priorities
  • Leverage AI to cleanse, harmonise and enrich data in order to bring it to the right level of detail and quality
  • Use this highly accurate data to train advanced AI models to deliver impactful RGM analytics
    Remove data friction across different systems and geographies with a single source of truth for commercial processes
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Understand shopper and market behaviours

  • Use AI models to learn from different data sources (internal and external) and understand shopper, and market behaviours
  • Tap into state-of-the-art deep learning neural networks to deliver powerful analytics
  • Apply optimisation engines for predictive and prescriptive insights to generate plans that can be easily followed by stakeholders
  • Easily understand the AI model mechanisms in order to trust how it works
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Tap into the right insights for each stakeholder and commercial purpose

  • Get the right insights embedded into each step of the commercial cycle through integrated RGM-TPM-Retail Execution solutions
  • Drive optimal trade fund programs and strategies with actionable insights that allow win-win plans with retail partners
  • Go beyond the core and get full insights across products, brands and geographies
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