Kraft Heinz: TPx Digital Transformation across Borders

A centralised Trade Promotion tool to significantly increase trust and accuracy

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Kraft Heinz embraced a common solution across borders to reinforce standardised processes and performance indicators

With everything centralised within the same Trade Promotion tool, Kraft Heinz saw how trust and accuracy increased significantly and how the automating of the system actually freed up time of their people. Commercial plans were finally in sync, it meant that the business can see how execution is aligning to the guidelines, quickly identify any gaps and deep dive into factors that are impacting the bottom line.

Each function that touch the commercial business cycle now refer to the same data, providing one version of the truth from both a volume and financials perspective. Find out more by watching this webinar discussion, and feel free to share with your colleagues.

You can also read the Kraft Heinz case study article here.

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