XTEL receives Five Best-In-Class Distinctions from POI for RetX

The 2023 Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) Retail Sales Execution and Monitoring Vendor Panorama confirms XTEL’s focus on providing a holistic platform that delivers benefits across CPG organisations

November 17, 2023

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Bologna, 25th April 2023

Today XTEL, a leading global revenue management solutions provider for consumer good companies, has received a positive assessment and Five Best-In-Class Distinctions in the latest Retail Sales Execution (RetX) Vendor Panorama published on April 25th, 2023, by the Promotion Optimization Institute (POI).

Suzana Dias, Head of Product Strategy and Alliances at XTEL said: “This recognition from POI in it’s annual RetX dedicated report confirms the successful evolution of our solution and how we are delivering against our vision of a holistic approach to sales processes automation. Our Retail Execution Solution is available to field teams online and offline, with a renewed user interface geared towards driving usage and adoption and recent advances in omnichannel capabilities allowing for engagement with customers anywhere, anytime.”

“It also provides the CPGs headquarters with all the capabilities to effectively combine systems with data, analytics, implementation services, and change management. AI and analytics help field representatives to plan for effective calls and then quickly execute, an approach designed to optimize the end-to-end revenue management process, from strategy to execution” Dias concludes.

For the second year in a row, the company has received Five Best-In-Class Distinctions in the same categories, confirming XTEL’s leadership position in combining transactional and analytical capabilities:

  • Analytical Insights: Ability to process data from multiple sources and deliver directional guidance, insights and recommendations to the user
  • Connected Enterprise: Connectivity across the holistic enterprise including TPM, RetX, and ERP with end-to-end benefits. Ability to connect front & back offices into “one” office
  • Data & Analytics Visualisation: Provides visual insights and guidance in unique and innovative ways with quickly understood graphics and/or dashboards
  • Desktop UX: Addresses the needs of office-based personnel to view, analyze, and direct field efforts through a streamlined interface and workflow. Uses intelligent RetX to provide managers/office-based teams visibility into corrective actions and direct guidance to the field
  • Guided Selling: Utilizes advanced mathematical and AI/ML algorithms to process enormous amounts of data (including POS, inventory, demographics store census, and shipment information, if available) to uncover the trends and largest growth opportunities and determine the store and activity prioritization.
    This recognition from POI confirms the unique capabilities of the XTEL Retail Execution solution, and the possibility to integrate TPx and RetX for a seamless user experience as the optimal way to add both strategic and tactical value to any CPG organisation. The Retail Execution solution is easy to understand, allows holistic decision-making across internal and external stakeholders and is scalable to address all channels and routes to markets, in order to boost sales performance for CPGs.

Pam Brown, Chief Commercial Officer at the Promotion Optimization Institute commented: “The XTEL Retail Execution Solution is part of an end-to-end, AI-driven, revenue management platform, including RGM analytics, category management, portfolio management, customer planning, pricing management, and trade promotion management. The company has undergone some mergers and acquisitions and is positioning their solution with a new vision, a new mission, and a single roadmap across the company. Their core capabilities help companies plan for, and execute a complete revenue growth plan.”

XTEL awarded 5 Best-In-Class distinctions by POI in the 2023 Retail Execution Vendor Panorama

For the second year in a row, the company has received Five Best-In-Class Distinctions in the same categories, confirming XTEL’s leadership position in combining transactional and analytical capabilities.

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