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Value Realisation

Build your path for Successful Change and Profitable Growth

Our Framework to Value Realisation

XTEL uses a proven approach to embed revenue management practices, from strategy to execution, across your organisation for successful change and value realisation.

We help you create a Revenue Management roadmap fit to your needs and ambitions and build a clear RGM strategy involving key stakeholders to ensure high buy-in and ownership across teams. We equip your teams with the right mindset, skills and capabilities to get the most of insights, identify opportunities and manage Revenue Growth initiatives from start to end.

Our experts, all coming from the CPG industry, work hand to hand with your global and local teams to drive engagement and commitment to the right path for growth, for your organisation.

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Successful Revenue Management Transformation for CPGs

“In an inflationary environment, this approach and these tools are all you need to have in order to realise healthy growth in top and bottom line”
Leading CPG Company

“Trade Promotion Management is a top-down journey, since it drives other changes across the business that hit people and processes, therefore awareness and buy-in are crucial to the success of the journey.”
Global Food Manufacturer

“Its key for us to be looking at the complete picture, making holistic decisions and being able to implement them.”
Multi-national Personal Care Manufacturer

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The four steps to Value Realisation

1. Roadmap – define the revenue management roadmap

  • Align stakeholders around critical challenges, priorities and objectives for your organisation
  • Evaluate current capabilities and solutions at both global and local levels
  • Define the most effective roadmaps to embed and scale RGM, TPM, and Retail Execution practices and capabilities across markets

2. RGM strategy – align stakeholders around the right opportunities

  • Leverage an iterative process to build and refine successful RGM strategies by involving the right stakeholders
  • Guide teams to interpret RGM insights, identify opportunities and manage revenue growth initiatives that are best for each geography
  • Align key stakeholders on the right growth opportunities for faster and better yearly customer and promotional plans, and periodic business reviews. In turn this results in higher buy-in and ownership across teams

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3. Re-equip – empower teams with strategic mindset, skills, and capabilities

  • Equip the organisation with the right capabilities to manage revenue growth initiatives from business case to execution
  • Build the right skills across teams to help them capture the optimal value across all commercial levers – assortment, pricing, promotion and trade terms
  • Go to the grassroots with local teams to increase both efficiency and effectiveness by embedding proven best practices across the RGM, TPM, and Retail Execution processes

4. Revitalisation – drive successful adoption and improve stakeholder experience

  • Deliver specific training and deep-dive workshops to help people to tap into the right skills and capabilities to have win-win conversations with retail partners
  • Foster system adoption and new ways of working with embedded digital learning
  • Access to bite-size learning for knowledge expansion and advancing skillset
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