XTEL Earns 7 Best-In-Class Distinctions from POI

XTEL receives one of the highest number of Best-In-Class distinctions from POI in the 2023 Enterprise Planning Vendor Panorama Report.

September 25, 2023

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Bologna, Italy – September 25th, 2023 – XTEL, the leading global revenue management solutions provider for consumer goods companies (CPG), has been awarded seven Best-in-Class distinctions in the Enterprise Planning (EPx) Vendor Panorama published on September 22nd 2023, by the Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) authored by Pam Brown. POI’s Chief Commercial Officer and Sarah Meyer, POI Affiliate. XTEL ties for the highest number of distinctions awarded by POI to any vendor in this year’s EPx Vendor Panorama report.
“We are thrilled to have POI recognize our vision of being at the forefront of digital transformation in the CPG industry in this year’s EPx Vendor Panorama,” states Cédric Guyot, CEO at XTEL. “Each day our team works towards a singular purpose of making our clients grow smarter, every day. Continuing to build and invest in our industry-leading revenue management product suite is essential to providing the industry with the integrated tools they need to identify, capture, and drive commercial value.”
XTEL’s revenue management suite of solutions has been acknowledged with Best-In-Class distinctions in the following categories:

  • RGM Suite: RGM-specific suite focused on the 5 pillars of RGM, and enabling Enterprise Revenue Growth Management practices. RGM Capabilities include process, analytics and services in the areas of Advanced optimization of brand, channel and portfolio pricing & and mapping, price pack architecture; (PPA), trade architecture, promotion pricing and trade (TPO), mix/assortment, as well as strategic enterprise components.
  • RGM UX: Drives engagement with revenue management users; balances robust analysis with ease of use; intuitive flow based on the analysis and data needed to answer specific business questions; increases total business visibility and reduces administrative burden; drives next best action/decision.
  • Analytics Visualisation: Intuitive, robust, and meaningful analytics visualized in a way that drives user insights and action. Reflects a modern and updated approach to analytics visualization.
  • Global Deployment: Configurability & and flexibility to allow clients to define a common template of consistent and standardized processes that can be enabled across multiple markets (e.g., promotion types, workflows, interfaces, RGM KPIs, etc.) while allowing for a set of local configurations to support complexities. Some providers offer global deployments through a single instance with multi-country, multi-region, multi-currency, and multi-lingual capabilities.
  • Data Management: Cleansing, harmonizing and staging of data prior to; or as part of a project implementation. Can also include data management processes to ensure ongoing data readiness.
  • Headquarter Planning: Ability to create revenue, profit, volume targets and budgets for the AOP annual planning process; optimize and allocate retailer trade rates & and spend; develop and deploy go-to-market strategies for sales planning; potentially incorporating digital spending with traditional trade and shopper marketing investments.
  • TPx Ux: The TPx user experience drives engagement and adoption with users, increases total business visibility and reduces administrative burden for the enterprise planner.


The 2023 report from POI highlights XTEL’s industry expertise, strong product functionality, usability, and vision. Moreover, XTEL’s strong roadmap for innovation to support revenue growth management and its dedicated approach to multi-market enterprise planning projects are mentioned as both strengths and differentiators.

The report notes that XTEL has incorporated the acquired StepUp capabilities into a new platform, providing a seamless experience for users. As XTEL focuses on helping clients achieve successful revenue management transformation, they leverage multiple touchpoints to uncover the evolving needs of clients and ensure the roadmap and investment plans will deliver solutions to current and future needs and author of the Vendor Panorama. The report also notes the recent incorporation of StepUp capabilities as a catalyst and growth driver for XTEL. It enjoys high client retention due to the strong analytics in combination with an excellent UX, which makes it a system that companies can invest in and use for the long haul.

XTEL stands out among the competition for Global Deployment Enablement, as its revenue management suite of solutions supports local, regional, and global requirements to ensure rapid adoption, successful change management, and business governance. XTEL solutions are market-specific and modular, so companies can layer capabilities suited to their needs in a timely step-by-step approach.

“POI’s awards are a testimony to the results of our increasing investments in delivering a holistic revenue management platform that is trusted by global CPG leaders based on the quality and breadth of our solutions, successful global deployments, and strong partner network,” comments Suzana Dias, Head of Product Strategy and Alliances at XTEL. “This year’s best-in-class distinctions also confirm our commitment to partnering with FMCGs on their journey towards sustained profitable growth and value realisation through our proven revenue management practices and digitization approach, and our complete, integrated and ‘always on’ revenue management platform.”


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