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At XTEL, we understand FMCG brands like nobody else.

We are a leading revenue management solutions provider for consumer goods companies (CPG) worldwide. We help our clients’ businesses grow smarter, every day, through our holistic and proven digitalisation and change management.

Our people are a diverse mix of talented individuals with more than 29 different nationalities working from 12 different countries. We want to have an inclusive culture, where everyone feels they belong and are empowered to succeed.

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Work with 100+ FMCG brands

Are you passionate about innovative technology?

Do you have an inquisitive nature, and a desire to understand FMCG brands and improve client results?
We help more than 100 FMCGs in their journey for value realisation and profitable revenue growth. Our clients' brands touch the lives of most consumers every day, all over the world.

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50 years of combined experience

Do you enjoy working as part of a team and learning new things?

We encourage our people to collaborate and explore new ways to improve the way we work with our clients. Our proven approach and expertise are built on a combined 50 years of working in the FMCG industry and we strive to ensure our clients flourish in this ever-evolving environment.

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Diverse client in 40+ countries

Want to work for a global company and have a real impact?

We work with clients all over the world, from New Zealand across Asia and Europe to Canada. Our diverse and dedicated team work closely with our clients to ensure that they benefit from our solutions, including upgrades and training to help them grow smarter, every day.

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Inclusive and Diverse workplace

We believe that how we work is just as important as the work we do. That’s why our inclusive culture creates a sense of belonging and empowerment to get the best from our people. We want to attract a mix of talented individuals, who will develop and grow, contributing to our diverse and inclusive culture. By accepting and appreciating the diversity of each person’s experiences, we are more innovative and deliver solutions to customers that enable us to remain industry leaders.

According to the UN, a significant gender gap continues to persist at all levels of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. We would like to help close this gap. Listen to the conversation between colleagues Miriam Nieri, Engineering Manager and Federica Cenacchi, Product Owner, as they share their career growth stories, when and why they decided to study science and technology, and how it is to work in technology at XTEL.

Listen to Miriam Nieri, Engineering Manager and Federica Cenacchi, Product Owner, as they share their careers stories at XTEL