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Retail Execution

Activate the power of your brands in every store and win with your customers

Retail Execution Solutions

Kantar XTEL’s Retail Execution solutions help you unleash the potential of your brands at each store, everywhere. Our solutions empower sales organisations to sell more and better across all channels by enabling different routes-to-market and digitising the entire sales execution process, from headquarters to field.

Our solutions offer fully-fledged capabilities to manage retail execution, both online and offline, from retail merchandising to sales force automation, direct store delivery and van sales. Our fully integrated and scalable approach accelerates successful change in the field, driving operational efficiencies and focusing on high-value activities to deliver profitable growth.

Win with digitalised Retail Execution

XTEL has a complete, unique and rounded understanding of revenue management thanks to a diverse team of more than 350 data, technology and CPG experts who are based across four continents.

Maximise results across channels and markets

Increase sales performance with channel-specific capabilities to digitise different routes-to-market across geographies and win with your retail partners.

Bridge the gap between planning and execution

Align strategy and execution, headquarter to the field, through an integrated sales process and a single platform connected to the enterprise ecosystem.

Drive scalable commercial excellence

Build capabilities across field sales teams and equip them with intuitive sales-centric tools and best practices to ensure success at the last mile.

Unlock field sales productivity everywhere

Empower all sales representatives to deliver more with smart mobile capabilities, tapping into powerful data and actionable insights, both online and offline.

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Unlock market potential

  • Get a 360° view of sales performance and uncover growth opportunities with advanced analytics
  • Enable the right route to market for each retail channel and geography
  • Drive performance by providing full visibility on targets and goals and access to collaboration tools
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Drive productivity online and offline with optimal plans and full mobility

  • Use cutting-edge planning tools to prioritise and plan optimal daily routes and field activities across sales teams
  • Define the right targets and incentives to aid field performance and maximise sales results
  • Ensure complete mobility with full online and offline capabilities across devices
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Empower field sales teams to sell more and smarter

  • Help your teams deliver the most impactful in-store activities thanks to optimised routes and agendas, real-time data intelligence and guided selling capabilities
  • Equip each field salesperson with ready-to-use, on-site capabilities: retail merchandising, surveys, order taking, product delivery, assets management, invoicing, and payment collections
  • Maximise time spent selling with image recognition, intelligent order management and real-time analytics
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Drive change at speed and scale

  • Empower the sales force to deliver more with industry-specific hands-on competence development programmes
  • Drive faster time-to-market with intuitive sales-centric tools
  • Ensure success with channel-specific and full mobile capabilities
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Maximise sales and ROI with an integrated sales process

  • Assess the impact of changes in assortment, pricing and promotional mix on sales results
  • Manage all pricing conditions, rules-based and discount-based pricing, online and offline across all channels
  • Allocate discretionary budgets to empower sales representatives to get the most out of each single order
  • Drive trade promotional effectiveness
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Maximise sales and ROI with an integrated sales process

  • Bridge the gap between planning and execution, with an integrated sales process from customer planning to trade promotion management and retail execution
  • Leverage shopper and consumption data to optimise in-store performance
  • Assess the impact of retail non-compliance, assortments, space, pricing, and promotions on sales results to support corrective actions at the headquarters and in the field
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Accelerate Value Realisation

XTEL has a complete, unique and rounded understanding of revenue management thanks to a diverse team of more than 350 data, technology and CPG experts who are based across four continents.

Successful Retail Execution digitilisation

With CPG-specific, scalable, and integrated solutions

Engaged and effective field sales teams

With the right competencies and best-in-class solutions.

Increase and improve sales

Thanks to smart sales processes with embedded best practices.

Faster time-to-market

With channel-specific capabilities and intuitive sales tools.

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