Trade Promotion Best Practices Playbook

The blueprint to unlock value and growth and deliver a successful TPM digital transformation. A successful TPM digital journey requires a balanced approach: the right people, process, data & systems, within a proven digital transformation program.

November 13, 2023

Trade investments remain a top priority for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturers. Well-conducted TPx digital transformation programs equip CPG organisations with the right foundational pillars, capabilities and plasticity to adapt, grow revenues, and protect trade margins – even in times of uncertainty.

As the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated change in the marketplace, it became imperative for CPGs to rush long-delayed digital trade initiatives. The latest 2021 Gartner CIO Survey shows that few CPG companies actively advanced their digital agendas over the last three years, making their digital aspirations a reality. Moreover, it reveals that CPG companies who invested in digital initiatives pre-pandemic now find themselves ahead of their competitors and better equipped to fund new business initiatives.

However, most CPG organisations still fall short in driving successful trade promotion management (TPM) digitalisation programs. In a recent XTEL study conducted with FMCG companies globally, two-thirds of respondents say they lack the right support to successfully manage their trade promotion processes… and 80% of them indicate that most aspects of TPM are highly time-consuming and labour-intensive.

CPGs that take a growth-oriented approach to implementing a TPM digital transformation project are able to deliver winning trade promotion strategies and see a 2-5% increase in revenue and a 5-10% increase in trade spend ROI year-over-year. Their TPM practices result in improved efficiency and effectiveness while supporting their revenue growth management agendas across the board.

So digital transformation unlocks value and growth. But what is the blueprint for a successful TPM digital journey?

The road to success requires a balanced approach with the right foundational pillars (people, process, data & systems) and a proven digital transformation program, mapped out step by step.

The TPx Best Practices Playbook

In this playbook, we will take you through industry best practices to help set you on the right trajectory for your trade promotion management digital transformation journey.

Each topic has insights crafted by XTEL experts, gathered from decades of experience designing and implementing trade promotion programmes for CPGs of all sizes and across markets.

Explore each theme and its corresponding best practices to help shape your digital journey. Adopting a proven approach that applies industry best practices – from design to implementation to change management – will deliver the right trade promotion management capabilities, at speed, with an ability to scale, and will ultimately ensure successful change and growth.

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