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Welcome to our Trade Promotion Management Knowledge Hub, where you can find guides, videos and client case studies to accelerate your learning of trade promotion best practices and focus your organisation on how to create value and grow.

With a combination of state-of-the-art technology, deep CPG industry expertise, data management and consulting capabilities, we can support CPGs of any size, and at any stage, on their journey for value realisation and profitable revenue growth.

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XTEL Earns 7 Best-In-Class Functionality Distinctions from POI

XTEL receives one of the highest number of Best-In-Class distinctions from POI in the 2023 Enterprise Planning Vendor Panorama Report

2023 EPx Vendor Panorama

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Trade Promotion Management Multi-Market Approach

Browse our contents dedicated to TPM deplyments across markets and geographies

The pizza-based approach to multi-market TPM deployment

an article by Ed Bishop

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Trade Promotion Management Across Multiple Markets

Trade Promotion Management Across Multiple Markets and Geographies

a practical guide with FMCG best practices

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Clearing the challenges of multi-market Promotion Management

an article by Alan Shankland

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Client Testimonials from CPG leaders

Trade Promotion Management is the core of the RGM solution, not only because promotion management is one of the key pillars of RGM, but because it is the biggest spend. There is huge potential in optimising it, and if we do it right, we win the market.


Creating a single source of truth meant that great ideas from one market could be deployed quickly and efficiently in other markets, which has completely transformed our way of working and our ability to understand our performance.

Kraft Heinz
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Trade Promotion Best Practices Series

The key steps in a proven approach to digital transformation: a step-by-step guide to lasting growth in the Trade Promotion Management and optimisation space

TPx Best Practices and Playbook: read more

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Orkla Success Story: Delivering power to change through Trade Promotion Management

Orkla’s digital strategy dramatically improved their promotion processes in the short-term and long-term, creating the basis for sustained profitable growth.

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Trade Promotion Management: What's next? A balanced approach between people, processes, data & systems, a proven digital transformation program

XTEL Revenue Management studies confirm that Trade Promotions are a key commercial lever for FMCGs. The last three years have tested the robustness, flexibility, and scalability of FMCG’s trade promotion management practices and have exposed their shortcomings.

Our 2023 Global Revenue Management study shows that FMCG companies are less confident about their trade promotion management capabilities. This reduced confidence is reflected across the entire trade promotion management cycle, indicating the need for revised processes and more robust tools to cope with the impact of continued market fluctuations on promotional initiatives.

Looking into the future, more than one-third of FMCG companies plan to increase investments to scale their TPM processes across geographies, power them with AI-driven analytics, and deliver an end-to-end integrated RGM-TPM process.

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