Revenue Growth Management and Trade Investments

A mini guide to trade promotion effectiveness: Learn how to drive promotion effectiveness at scale and speed across brands, channels and customers to accelerate growth.

November 13, 2023

Trade investments are a key growth driver for consumer goods companies, and the second most relevant profit and loss line. Yet most FMCGs fall short in getting the proper return on trade promotion investments, and lack the right processes, tools and capabilities to define and deliver the best promotional strategies and plans to meet consumer and shoppers needs.

In our recent global survey of FMCG leaders, 80% of respondents indicated that most aspects of the trade promotion management process are highly time-consuming and labour-intensive. Also, two thirds of them said they lacked the proper support to manage their TPM process successfully.

With the challenges faced by Trade and Revenue Management teams in mind, we have compiled a prioritisation guide to help you get the most out of your trade promotions within your revenue growth management practice.

Revenue Growth Management (RGM) & the Promotional Lever

In this mini guide, you will find a step-by-step approach to enhancing trade promotion effectiveness, which will help you invest more wisely in your trade promotions and give you valuable and actionable promotional strategies across brands, channels and customers.

You will also find a handy framework to help you align stakeholders around common data points, metrics and KPIs. You’ll learn how analytics allows companies to deliver optimal promotional guidelines and plans.

A final section of the guide will help you identify and address potential internal barriers and provide a blueprint for adopting a phased approach to ensure long-term RGM success.

Revenue Management: from Insights to Action Mini Guide Series

In this series, we examine the role of each key revenue management lever – assortment, pricing, and trade promotions – and how their well-orchestrated interplay is paramount for CPGs to drive winning revenue management strategies.

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Portrait photograph of Suzana Dias
Suzana Dias

Head of Product Strategy and Alliances, XTEL