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Global Revenue Management Study 2024 Fourth Edition

AI is no longer just a buzzword—it’s a business reality.

In this 2024 edition of the Global Revenue Management Study, XTEL has engaged with FMCG executives to delve into the AI revolution in Revenue Growth Management (RGM). The consensus is clear: AI is no longer just a buzzword—it’s a business reality. At XTEL, we are convinced that a blend of AI and human intelligence is what will uncover new competitive advantages for your business.

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The #1 Mistake CPG Manufacturers are About to Make

The era of leveraging pricing strategies is giving way to an intensified emphasis on promotional activities.

A staggering 68% of CPG executives surveyed in Deloitte’s 2024 Consumer Product Industry Outlook report plans to escalate their advertising and marketing expenditures relative to revenue. Additionally, 64% anticipate an increase in promotional spending. Amid this pursuit to boost sales volumes and capture greater market share, numerous CPG brands are inadvertently stumbling—be it through miscalculating the return on investment for promotions or overlooking the broader impacts such activities have on their overall financial health.

Explore our insights and recommended strategies for capitalizing on pricing opportunities as they arise.

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Why you need to move away from cost-justified pricing – and how to do it

by Alan Skiles and Piet Surmont

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Put yourself in your customers’ and retailers’ shoes so everybody wins

by Piet Surmont and Alan Skiles

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How to secure competitive advantage through the ‘always-on’ RGM approach

by Ed Bishop and Piet Surmont

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Expand your skills, transform your culture

by Pedro Sousa

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Embedding Revenue Growth Management in the year after hyperinflation

After 12 months of 10% to 15% of average inflation rate for most countries across the globe, CPG’s are looking to embed Revenue Growth Management across the business.

Read the article penned by our expert Evert Verlinden.

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Global RGM Study 2023: access all the contents!

XTEL Global Revenue Growth Management Study 2023 – 3rd Edition

Accelerating Revenue Growth Management maturity in a “disruption-as-normal” world: discover how three years of unrest have impacted performance and priorities among FMCG’s, giving them evolving objectives.

European Webinar in partnership with EPP Pricing Platform

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Last July, three expert speakers, Piet Surmont, Caroline Shoushanian and Mark Hamilton-Bowker shared the highlights from the findings during this webinar and answered questions from participants.

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Americas Webinar in partnership with POI

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This year’s Global RGM study revealed how the impact of raw materials cost inflation, forced North American CPG companies to be more nimble, adapting strategies quickly and frequently.

Listen to experts Allen Rector, Evert Verlinden and Alan Skiles as they share key study insights and recommendations: Sign up below.

Perfetti Van Melle: Revenue Management Today and Tomorrow

In this case study presentation made at the POI event in Dallas in 2022, Alan Skiles from XTEL discussed RGM with Paul Ford from Perfetti Van Melle to share how the company has taken steps to protect their brands and set them along the path for profitable growth.


Alan Skiles
Head of RGM North America


Paul Ford
Global Revenue Growth Director
Perfetti Van Melle

Global Revenue Growth Management Study

2022 – 2nd Edition

RGM is vital in creating value and winning with retailers and shoppers. CPGs who embrace the transformation journey to make RGM an everyday practice and mindset, will realise the full potential of the company’s brands across markets, and create a competitive advantage.

In this webinar, hosted by EPP Pricing Platform, CPG experts Kerem Cataner and Ed Bishop discuss the XTEL 2022 Global Revenue Management study findings. Watch it to discover what FMCGs highlighted during the survey, indicating that revenue growth management capabilities have moved to the forefront of their agenda.

Download the full research report here.

 2021 – 1st Edition

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the FMCG sector had to cope with fluctuating supply and demand, unprecedented consumer and shopper behaviours, and a constantly shifting legislative landscape.

This global ‘perfect storm’ affected categories and suppliers differently, with some better positioned than others to weather the changes. Those who have been able to meet these challenges more dynamically than their competitors are better placed to grow in the future.

Interested in understanding in more depth how these challenges affected manufacturers and distributors, XTEL surveyed some of the largest companies in the CPG industry: gathering their perceptions on the effects of the pandemic, structural changes they had seen, and their opinions on how the sector may change in the future.

Click here to download the XTEL Global RGM study 2021


More Revenue Growth Management Content

RGM Mini Guide Series

In this miniguide series, we will examine three key levers of revenue growth management: promotion, pricing, and assortment. Each miniguide will help you drive winning revenue management strategies that will deliver mutual growth with partners and better meet the evolving needs of shoppers and consumers.


Trade Promotion

Invest wisely and maximise ROI through valuable and actionable promotional strategies across brands, channels and customers.

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Understand the power, risks, and opportunities of price, to generate value and profit growth for you and your customers.

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Shape winning brand portfolios, category recommendations, and in-store strategies to meet shoppers’ needs and accelerate market growth.

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Upfield Client Success story

Accelerating profitable growth with consistent and coordinated processes and systems into a holistic RGM approach.

Upfield success story