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Our experts from across the business, and from across the world, share their perspectives and thought provoking insights on CPG Industry challenges, CPG brand focus areas and how digitalisation and automation helps to overcome the challenges and assist with focus areas and decision making.

We believe now is the time to do more with less, to embrace digitalisation and empower decision makers to have one view of where growth is happening and how to enable it.

We help businesses grow smarter, everyday.

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Cover image of Alan Skiles - Striking the right balance across your RGM levers for success in 2023 and beyond

Alan Skiles explains how CPGs can strike the right balance across RGM levers for success.

1. the promotion lever, 2. the retailer shift 3. the race for market share.

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Cover image of Alexandra Campos - Connecting assortments, pricing, NPD, and price pack architecture into one system

Alexandra Campos highlights the biggest CPG challenges ahead due to the cost of living increases.

1. shopper sensitivity, 2. assortment mix 3. NPD and pricing plans.

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RGM is a process that is embedded into the CPG business

Pedro Sousa and the 3 key pillars of RGM success.

1. the science of data and analytics, 2. the art elements of people 3. RGM as a continuous process.

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The XTEL Global Revenue Management Study 2023 is live, get your copy today!

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As a result of successful partnerships with more than 100 leading CPG companies worldwide, XTEL is uniquely positioned to accompany you in your journey to successfully digitalise revenue management processes and achieve profitable growth.

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Trade Promotion Management Guide

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Thought Leadership Articles

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Embedding RGM in the year after hyperinflation

Why are CPG's looking to embed Revenue Growth Management across the business after so much uncertainty.

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Clearing the challenges of multi-market TPM

A digital transformation journey is also a change management journey, where specific challenges need to be overcome, such as different perspectives and different ways of working.

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