2024 Live Events: XTEL at the POI Spring Summit

POI Spring Hybrid Summit 2024 - Chicago, IL - April 15-17

XTEL participated in the 2024 POI Spring Hybrid Summit, which took place at the JW Marriot Chicago on April 15-17. This year’s event agenda discussed the power of holistic enterprise planning through revenue optimisation, advanced analytics and retail execution.

The XTEL team joined CPG executives in Chicago for three days of terrific content and networking. Sign up below to request access to the contents we presented during the event.

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Pre-Event: Workshop - Avoid the pitfalls of a volume-focused strategy: The balancing act of RGM in 6 steps

In the wake of unprecedented challenges during the pandemic, CPG executives found themselves navigating a perfect storm of consumer demand, supply chain disruptions, and heightened competition. This tumultuous period led to a series of price increases, resulting in record profits but leaving chaos in its aftermath. As a result, CPGs and retailers have now been whipsawed in a completely different direction. Faced with slowing demand, they’ve hastily returned to pressing the promotion button with vigour, aiming to restore volume and halt market share erosion.
Join our exclusive workshop tailored for CPG executives as we explore the pivotal role of Revenue Growth Management (RGM) in the current business landscape. Learn how to flex and strengthen your pricing muscle strategically, balancing it with your promotional and portfolio strategies to move beyond reactionary measures and embrace long-term, sustainable profitable growth.

This workshop blends real-world case studies and practical exercises, ensuring participants leave with actionable strategies to effectively implement strategic pricing, promotional strategies, and portfolio mix within their organizations. Elevate your CPG business to new heights by mastering the art and science of Revenue Growth Management.

Key Workshop Highlights:

  1. The perfect storm: Delve into the complexities of the pandemic-driven challenges that forced price increases and how they reshaped the CPG industry’s pricing dynamics.
  2. Rebuilding the pricing muscle: Learn how the pandemic necessitated a rebuilding of the long-atrophied pricing muscle and why it is crucial for future success in the new volume-focused era.
  3. Strategic pricing vs reactive measures: Explore the concept of strategic pricing as a gift that keeps on giving, offering consistent returns when done right, as opposed to reactive pricing measures.
  4. The Balancing Act of RGM in 6 Steps: Understand the delicate balance between volume and margin in the RGM framework, discover the essential elements for successful strategic pricing, and learn how to deliver the optimal balance between price, promotions, and portfolio mix for sustainable profitable growth.
  5. AI-driven decision-making: Leverage the power of data analytics, modelling, and AI capabilities to deliver always-on analytics and the best RGM strategies.

Join us to equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the evolving CPG landscape successfully. Seize the opportunity to enhance your RGM strategies and position your organization for sustainable, long-term profitable growth.

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Panel Session - Master Strategic Pricing Mastery

Avoid The Million-Dollar Mistake CPG Manufacturers Are About To Make As The Growth Pendulum Swings To Towards Volume

Explore the pitfalls faced by CPG manufacturers today as the market shifts its focus back to volume growth and the impending pricing challenge that could cost millions. Join our expert panel to discover how leading CPGs are equipping themselves to master strategic pricing and deliver successful RGM strategies that balance price, promotional, and mix strategies to achieve long-term profitable growth.

Don’t miss this insightful panel session where leading RGM experts come together to discuss the critical elements of strategic pricing, helping CPG manufacturers avoid costly mistakes and unlock untapped revenue opportunities.

POI Chicago 2024


Scott Johnson
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Scott Johnson

Revenue Growth Management Leader at Land O’Lakes

Find Scott Johnson on LinkedIn

Scott Johnson has over 16 years of CPG industry experience with companies like Land O’ Lakes (current), Coca-Cola, and PepsiCo.  He has spent the last 10 years at Land O’ Lakes, where he helped establish the Revenue Growth Management function for the Dairy Foods Retail Business.  As the Lead for RGM, he specializes in commodity-driven pricing, promotional strategies, optimization and the translation of data-driven insights to both internal and external stakeholders. During his career in the CPG industry, he’s obtained vast knowledge of tools and processes, including TPM, TPO, BI, and Offer Innovation.

Portrait photograph of Jack Hernedy
Jack Harnedy

Senior Director, Revenue Growth Management

Find Jack Harnedy on LinkedIn

Jack Harnedy has worked in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry for the past 21 years across multiple functions and has worked with some of the largest and most well-known household brands. He is passionate about delivering growth, building strong teams, and doing it in a positive way. He lives just outside of Chicago with his wife and two children.

Portrait photograph of Alan Skiles
Alan Skiles

RGM Director, North America - XTEL

Find Alan Skiles on LinkedIn

Alan has over 25 years of experience working for companies like Miller-Coors, Diageo, Quaker, PepsiCo, and Advantage Sales & Marketing. His knowledge of the industry and more specifically RGM, has been built by looking through multiple lenses across the commercial sales and finance landscapes with roles in space management, category management, shopper analytics, chain sales, distributor sales, general management, and advanced analytics.

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