2024 Live Events: XTEL at the EPP GLOBAL FMCG/CPG RGM Forum

EPP GLOBAL FMCG/CPG Revenue Growth Management Forum 2024 - Lisbon May 22-24

We are thrilled to announce our participation in the EPP GLOBAL FMCG/CPG Revenue Growth Management Forum 2024, held at the Eurostars Universal Lisboa Hotel on May 22-24. The EPP Forum agenda combines training, keynote presentations, workshops and boot camps to help participants understand the most effective revenue management levers, mitigate current economic changes, and identify actionable RGM interventions and strategies.

We invite you to join the XTEL team and connect with industry peers in the vibrant city of Lisbon. Explore our featured initiatives below and take advantage of a special discounted rate on the ticket by signing up now. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your expertise and contribute to the success of your revenue growth management endeavours.

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Pre-Forum: Workshop - Avoid the pitfalls of a volume-focused strategy: The balancing act of RGM in 6 steps

In the wake of the unprecedented challenges brought on by the COVID-19  pandemic, CPG executives found themselves navigating a perfect storm of rapidly changing consumer demand, supply chain disruptions, and heightened competition. This tumultuous period led to a series of price increases, resulting in record profits but leaving chaos in its aftermath. As a result, CPGs and retailers have now been whipsawed in a completely different direction. Faced with slowing demand, they have hastily reverted to pressing the promotion button with vigour, aiming to restore volume and halt market share erosion.

Join our exclusive workshop tailored for CPG executives as we explore the pivotal role of Revenue Growth Management (RGM) in the current business landscape. Learn how to flex and strengthen your pricing muscle strategically, balancing it with your promotional and mix strategies to move beyond the reactive and embrace long-term, sustainable profitable growth. This workshop blends theoretical concepts with real-world case studies and practical exercises. Join us to gain valuable insight into the tools and strategies needed to navigate the current CPG landscape successfully.

Key Workshop Highlights:

  1. Strategic pricing vs reactive measures: Explore the concept of strategic pricing as a gift that keeps on giving, offering consistent returns when done right, as opposed to reactive pricing and promotional measures.
  2. The Balancing Act of RGM in 6 Steps: Understand the delicate balance between volume and margin in the RGM framework, discover the essential elements for successful strategic pricing, and learn how to deliver the optimal balance between price, promotions, and portfolio mix for sustainable, profitable growth with a tried and tested approach.


  • Piet Surmont – Vice President RGM
  • Caroline Shoushanian – Customer Success Director RGM
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XTEL Bootcamp: Avoid the million-dollar mistake CPG manufacturers are about to make as the growth pendulum moves back towards volume

  • Discover how leading CPGs are equipping themselves to master strategic pricing as the market shifts its focus back to volume growth.
  • Find how to strike the right balance between price, promotional, and mix strategies to achieve profitable growth in today’s environment.
  • Learn how to leverage the power of data and AI to deliver always-on RGM analytics.


  • Ed Bishop – Head of RGM Pre-sales
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Roundtable: Data management and RGM insights

How to leverage the full potential of data to deliver AI-driven RGM insights

Moderated by Alexander Schmitt – Head of Product, Analytics – XTEL

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The Power of Synergic Pricing and Promotion Strategies: A Decade of Pioneering Growth with Spadel

Join XTEL and Spadel at the EPP Summit for an illuminating session, where we’ll illustrate the path to sustained success through synergic pricing and promotion strategies. This presentation celebrates a nine-year partnership that has supported Spadel’s ascent to becoming a leader in the beverage industry and has also redefined the role of Revenue Growth Management (RGM) in driving unparalleled financial success.

Key Discussion Points:
Strategic Initiatives: Dive into the details of Spadel’s impressive +7.9% revenue growth and +65% EBIT increase in 2023, and explore the agile solutions that have propelled Spadel to market share leadership and profitability.

  • RGM Approach: Discover the unified power of pricing and promotion strategies and learn how a holistic RGM approach can drive sustained, profitable growth.
  • Navigating Market Complexities: Gain insights into how we’ve tackled commoditization, regulatory changes, supply chain dynamics, and pricing architecture challenges.
  • AI and the Future of RGM: Delve into the AI-enabled ecosystem that bolsters data quality and accelerates market responsiveness, paving the way for the future of RGM.


  • Caroline Shoushanian, XTEL
  • Janneke Raats, Spadel
XTEL is Glod Sponsor of the EPP Forum


Portrait photograph of Piet Surmont
Piet Surmont

Vice President, Revenue Growth Management

Find Piet Surmont on LinkedIn
Portrait photograph of Caroline Shoushanian
Caroline Shoushanian

Customer Success Manager

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Ed Bishop
Ed Bishop

Head of RGM Pre-Sales

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Andrew McKairnes
Andrew McKairnes

Head of Solutions and Pre-Sales RGM

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Alex Schmitt
Alexander Schmitt

Head of Product, Analytics

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