POI awards XTEL five Best-In-Class distinctions

The Promoton Optimization Institute awards XTEL for five categories in the 2022 Vendor Panorama for Retail Sales Execution and Monitoring in Consumer Goods

January 13, 2023

25 April 2022

XTEL, the world’s leading data-driven analytics and brand consulting company, received a positive assessment and five Best-In-Class distinctions in the latest Retail Sales Execution (RetX) Vendor Panorama published on April 25th, 2022 by the Promotion Optimization Institute (POI).

The XTEL Retail Execution Suite was awarded Best-In-Class distinctions for the following:

  • Analytical Insights: ability to process data from multiple sources to deliver directional guidance.
  • Connected Enterprise: Seamless two-way data flow between the Retail Sales Execution solution and enterprise applications (sales, marketing, supply chain, finance, HR) enabling visibility, agility, and insights-driven decision-making across the enterprise.
  • Data Visualisation: Provides metrics in unique and innovative ways with quickly understood graphics and/or dashboards.
  • Desktop UX: Addresses the needs of office-based personnel to view, analyze, and direct field efforts.
  • Guided Selling: Provides the relevant data and information in a logical sequence to effectively execute the selling process.

XTEL stands out among the competition for its holistic vision, comprehensive retail execution solution, experience with data components and end-to-end revenue growth management approach. “XTEL’s experience across the entire revenue management spectrum and their ability to offer full implementation services adds both strategic and tactical value to an organization. Their implementation approach accelerates benefits realisation while increasing user adoption” states Pam Brown, Chief Commercial Officer at the Promotion Optimization Institute and author of the RetX Vendor Panorama.

The report acknowledges XTEL’s focus on providing CPG companies with an “end-to-end, AI-driven revenue management platform including RGM analytics, category management, portfolio management, customer planning, pricing management, and trade promotion management”, with the objective of driving “profitable growth across the entire Revenue Management process, culminating with effective and efficient execution at retail.”

“We are proud to be once again recognised with five best-in-class distinctions by POI in its annual industry-dedicated report. Retail execution is a key component of revenue management and a fundamental step to value realization for CPGs”, states Suzana Dias, XTEL’s Head of Product Strategy and Alliances, Trade Optimisation. “We continue to partner with our customers and evolve our portfolio of solutions to help them drive successful digital transformation and profitable growth by making revenue management an every day, everybody and end-to-end practice across their global organisations, from strategy to execution.