ASR enhances insights and results visibility

Through XTEL’s Accelerated Approach, ASR was able to establish Trade Promotion foundations, and begin accessing a TPx system to deliver immediate results.

January 11, 2023


Like many CPG manufacturers, ASR struggled to consolidate Trade Promotion processes. Limited tools and system capabilities meant limited actionable insights. Though using a tool like Excel was effective for basic needs, as data compounded over time, tracking outputs became a major challenge. The ASR team experienced a lack of visibility into trade promotion performance, which repeatedly caused difficulty in ensuring accuracy, identifying trends, and making informed time-sensitive decisions.


ASR decided to establish Trade Promotion foundations through XTEL US-specific template and Accelerated Approach. With this option, their teams could access a working system loaded with ASR’s data, while continuing to customise their TPx platform. This gave ASR’s core teams the ability to start generating results sooner. In addition, they could provide feedback while system design was ongoing to ensure that core processes were fully covered. Due to this high level of engagement during the early phases of the project, ASR saw high rates of adoption.


There was a true transformation in ways of working that stemmed from the introduction of the TPx system. It automated time-consuming manual labour and consolidated information that once had to be tracked and organised over email. The time and effort that was freed up caused a significant shift in each team’s daily approach. They could refocus their efforts away from manual processes and towards actions that could make a greater impact on ROI.


Equipped with a new TPx system that automates processes and acts as a single source of truth, ASR saw their teams perform on a higher level. Now with readily available insights, clarity around promotion performance, and tangible impact, their teams had the confidence and motivation to take greater ownership, act on insights, and drive ASR’s profitability.