Moving from Reactive to Strategic Revenue Growth Management: 5 Must-Do’s

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Moving from Reactive to Strategic Revenue Growth Management: 5 Must-Do’s

Wednesday, July 31 at 9AM CT / 4PM CEST
Duration: 1 hour

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer goods executives faced rapidly changing consumer demand, supply chain disruptions, and heightened competition, leading to price increases and record profits but also chaos. Now, with slowing demand, CPGs and retailers are aggressively promoting to restore volume and prevent market share erosion.

Join our webinar tailored for CPG executives as we explore the pivotal role of Revenue Growth Management (RGM) in the current business landscape. Learn how to balance your pricing, promotional, and mix strategies to move beyond the reactive and embrace long-term, sustainable profitable growth. This webinar will blend theoretical concepts with real-world case studies and practical exercises. Join us to gain valuable insight into the tools and strategies needed to navigate the current CPG landscape successfully.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the delicate balance between volume and margin in the RGM framework.
  • Discover the essential elements for successful strategic RGM.
  • Learn how to deliver the optimal balance between price, promotions, and portfolio mix for sustainable, profitable growth with a tried and tested approach.


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Portrait photograph of Piet Surmont
Piet Surmont

Vice President of Revenue Growth Management at XTEL Group

Find Piet Surmont on LinkedIn

Previously working with Kraft Heinz, Danone and other companies, Piet is a veteran in Revenue growth management, Marketing & Sales Management, and Brand marketing for the CPG industry. Thirteen years ago, he co-founded StepUp RGM, helping CPGs translate insights into appropriate actions that deliver results. In 2022 StepUp RGM became part of Kantar XTEL, where Piet now leads the RGM practice.

Portrait photograph of Caroline Shoushanian
Caroline Shoushanian

Director of Customer Success at XTEL Group

Find Caroline Shoushanian on LinkedIn

Caroline has worked in the consumer-packaged goods and consulting industry for 10 years, in Commercial Strategy, End to End Brand Management and Category Leadership at regional and market level at Procter & Gamble. Following that Caroline joined consulting advisory in Revenue Growth Management at Kantar XTEL; leading transformation projects and developing data based strategic revenue growth plans focused on Promo, Pricing and Profit pool analysis across industry leading CPG companies. Caroline is originally Armenian, having extensively worked across the Middle East and Europe and currently located in Belgium.

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