AI Mastery in CPGs: Elevating RGM to New Heights with the Power of AI-Driven Analytics

A Microsoft and XTEL Webinar

AI Mastery in CPGs: Elevating RGM to New Heights with the Power of AI-Driven Analytics

A Microsoft and XTEL Webinar

CPGs focused on enhancing their competitive edge and delivering profitable growth should rapidly integrate revenue management into their core processes using a robust AI Enterprise Revenue Management platform. Discover how to drive growth and innovation by utilizing advanced data management, holistic AI analytics models, and continuously enhanced RGM analytics applications, all backed by cutting-edge technology and FMCG expertise.

In this transformative session, witness firsthand how the XTEL premier AI Enterprise Revenue Management platform revolutionises revenue growth management.

Watch this webinar to:
· Discover how AI-driven data management solutions can provide automated high-quality data pipelines to power advanced analytics
· Delve into advanced AI analytics models that offer transparent, explainable insights, enhancing decision-making by amplifying human expertise amidst complex market dynamics
· Learn how holistic AI analytics integrate all aspects of revenue management to support business, identify synergies, and optimize trade-offs, focusing on maximizing profit, revenue, and market share
· Explore sophisticated Enterprise Revenue Management Platforms that deliver AI-driven data and analytics solutions seamlessly integrating with your existing technology stack and democratizing RGM insights across the business go beyond RGM for ‘Top X customers’ and ‘Top Y SKUs’ with a comprehensive understanding of opportunities across your entire product portfolio and all RGM levers to make informed investment decisions across channels, customers, categories, and brands

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Portrait photograph of Alan Skiles
Alan Skiles

Head of Revenue Growth Management - North America at XTEL Group

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Alan Skiles is currently the Head of RGM – North America for XTEL and was most recently the Global Director, Revenue Growth Management at Brown-Forman. He has over 25 years of experience working for companies like Miller-Coors, Diageo, Quaker, PepsiCo, and Advantage Sales & Marketing. His knowledge of the industry and more specifically RGM, has been built by looking through multiple lenses across the commercial sales and finance landscapes with roles in space management, category management, shopper analytics, chain sales, distributor sales, general management, and advanced analytics. In his current role he is leading XTEL’s global expansion in North America implementing XTEL’s best in class analytics platform and RGM capability building workshops.

Eric Bickel
Eric Bickel

Senior Sales Engineer at XTEL Group

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Eric Bickel has over 15 years building and leading data engineering and data science teams across the CPG and QSR industries for companies like Brown-Forman and Papa John’s International. His expertise in advanced analytics and data architecture has helped him develop pricing tools and data platforms to support revenue management, performance marketing, and supply chain analysis.

Dina Zhou
Microsoft logo
Dina Zhou

Executive Director of Industry Digital Strategy, Worldwide Retail & Consumer Goods at Microsoft

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